Hilary Jean Tapper

My Little Courage Family Doll Portrait


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  • Adult Doll (Represents ages 12 - 100 years)
  • Child Doll (Represents ages 2 - 11 years $50.00
  • Baby Bundle $5.00

This little family may seem quite tiny, but together, they are very powerful -
"Have a little courage," little Mum says, encouraging us to listen to our heart's callings.
"I know you can do it," tiny Dad whispers with all earnestness, edging us on to pursue our hidden talents, to caste aside our fears and doubts, and to boldly, courageously, take a step towards our dreams. Your Little Doll Family are forevermore your sweetest and bravest companions, they'll always be by your side, in your pocket, at your desk, ready for whatever encouragement you need - as pursuing our dreams can take great courage.

A Little Courage Dolls are heirloom, eco-friendly and sustainably handmade dolls. Each doll is made from all-natural materials, sewn on a foot-treadle Singer sewing machine and stuffed with wool by Hilary Jean Tapper in Aotearoa New Zealand. Inside each doll's heart is a tiny message, 'I am a vessel of Love'. Their essence is an infinite Love, and their purpose is to give that Love.

Please Note for your order:
Each 'adult' doll is approximately 12cm in height and 'child' dolls are approximately 9cm. Baby bundles are approximately 3cm. The 'adult' size doll represents ages 13+ (i.e. can represent a teenager, mother/father, grandparent - I will make 'teenagers' slightly shorter than their parents!), child dolls represent ages 2 - 12 year olds (I will adjust their leg and body length to roughly represent the age of your child in proportion to the others) Select how many adult size, child size and baby bundles you would like to make up your family.

Little Family Dolls ship within 10 working days.. Free Shipping Worldwide.
**Price listed is in NZD (New Zealand Dollar)**

Please select below how many family members you would like. I will email you once I receive your order to design the outfits for your family members and to note the gender, skin tone, hair colour and any other specific requests you may have!
Don't hesitate to ask if you have a unique request, so much is possible!

To order, select 'Buy Now' up above, and in your cart add in how many of each doll size you would like.

* This is not a toy and not suitable for children under 3 years. * Spot clean only

  • Adult Doll (Represents ages 12 - 100 years) 10 in stock

  • Child Doll (Represents ages 2 - 11 years 10 in stock

  • Baby Bundle 10 in stock